9 Things To Never Say When Day Trading

Here’s a list of things to never say when day trading.

Trust me. I’ve been there, done that, lost a lot.

  1. “I’m going to make a killing today when market opens. I can just feel it!”
  2. “I can see my perfect setup forming soon. I’m just going to jump into it now to get ahead of things. Better earlier than later.”
  3. “I feel really good about this trade even though it’s going down. I’ll ignore my stop-loss this time round cos I know the price is definitely going to bounce back.”
  4. “I got in and the price went down immediately. I’ll average down right now so that I can lower my average price. If it goes even lower, I’ll buy even more.”
  5. “My previous loss was an aberration. I’ll wager a bigger position size for my next trade to make up for that loss.”
  6. “This stock is trending really well right now. I’ll jump into it to make a quick buck and I’ll get out real quick.”
  7. “I feel really good about this trade. Let me bet a larger position size than usual cos I know it’s definitely going to be a winner.”
  8. “Tough luck today. All losses. I’ll just do one more trade and I’m done for today. I want to at least reduce my deficit for today.”
  9. “I need to get at least one win today! I know I can do this!”

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