“I’m Not Too Attached To The Outcome”

Not sure if anyone caught this interview of Israel Adesanya a few days ago.

He fights Robert Whittaker at UFC 271 tomorrow, but at this particular moment in the interview (timestamped above), he was talking about his loss to Jan Błachowicz at UFC 259.

I found what he said very memorable.

He said: “Any loss I’ve ever had…I’m not too attached to the outcome.”

I think this is the exact mentality a day trader should have as well.

Win a trade? Well and good. No need to get too happy.

Lose a trade? Do not get attached to the loss.

Just move on to the next trade, because you should know that as long as your EV (Expected Value) is positive, you will become profitable over a large number of trades provided you don’t blow your account before that.

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