“I Need To Trade Something”

One of the biggest temptations we fall into during day trading is when we feel the strong need to be trading something, especially during long periods of not seeing your perfect setup appear.

Especially also when you see prices shooting up, thus creating huge FOMO feelings within you.

Frustration builds up. Impatience kicks in. You feel you need to be doing something or else you’re not going to make any profits.

That’s where major discipline is needed to rein in your emotions and tell yourself you will only trade your perfect setups and nothing else.

Trust me, I’ve jumped into a lot of ill-advised trades because I was thinking “I need to be trading something!” and they have almost always turned out badly, and then I feel major remorse after that.

Learn to be patient. Practise self-control. Block out the FOMO.

This is what separates the men from the boys.

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