The Battle Is With Yourself

It’s really true what they say – that trading is essentially a battle with yourself.

The strategies are all there. The hard part is making yourself stick 100% to the strategies and staying disciplined.

It’s true that when you are day trading, you are discovering who you really are. What you’re really made of.

Some of the struggles I’m still trying to overcome while trying to trade forex

  • Learning to NOT trade during Asian session and wait till London session to open before trading.
  • Jumping into the occasional poorly-planned “quick profit” trade (and ending up losing most of the time).
  • Feeling frustrated that there aren’t enough good setups to find in a day.
  • Feeling frustrated that my trade doesn’t shoot up as quickly as I would have liked.

Still got a lot to learn.

One thought on “The Battle Is With Yourself

  1. This is a good point not just for trading, but for life in general. Every day I battle myself in doing the things I know I have to do, versus what I want to do. It’s tough, but also a constant learning journey for me. Here’s to always getting better!


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