Handling Losing

In my opinion, the greatest NBA season ever was the 72-10 Bulls season in 1995-96.

It’s even greater than the 73-9 Warriors team in 2015-16 because the 72-10 Bulls actually won the title that year.

But this is not a discussion on who the greatest basketball team was.

My point is that even in the 72-10 Bulls season where they won the title, they still lost 10 games in the regular season and 3 games in the post-season.

They. Still. Lost. Games.

Similarly, in trading, you will lose trades.

The sooner you accept the fact that you will lose some trades, the better it will be for you.

I have to admit I’m not totally accustomed to losing trades. In fact, I hate losing trades.

Nobody likes to lose, especially when there is money at stake.

However, you have to accept that it is part of trading.

You will need to lose some trades in order to make an overall profit.

If you absolutely do not want to lose, then trading is not for you.

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