Why did you start this blog?

I want to document my thoughts and musings as I embark on my journey to (hopefully) become a full-time day trader.

Why do you want to be a full-time day trader so badly?

I like the job. I feel it is something that would suit me very well. I am an introvert, so I like the fact that day trading does not require me to interact with people. Plus, I like the fact that day trading potentially pays well (if you get good at it).

What do you think are your chances of success?

I would say 5%, if I’m being generous.

How close are you to being full-time?

I still have a very long way to go. I’m still learning and making painful mistakes every day.

Do you have a finance background?

No, I have never worked as a finance or investment professional.

Where did you get all your knowledge from?

I got it all from the internet. You can learn everything you need for free on the internet. There is no need to pay for any “guru” courses. A lot of the best stuff is available for free.

What do you think are the most important qualities to becoming a day trader?

Discipline, patience, humility.

OK, so where’s the course you’re selling?

I don’t have a course to sell. Hence the name of this blog.

Are you thinking of selling a course?

I have no interest in creating nor selling a course. Besides, I’m definitely not qualified to do so.

So, when lambo?